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As eclectic and diverse as Brooklyn itself, Optique Elegance is the address for eyeglass aficionados and all those seeking the ultimate in eye care. With over 35 lines of eyeglass and sunglass frames from countries all over the world, our expert sales team will find the perfect pair that suits your look, personality and mood. At Optique Elegance, the health of your eyes is paramount. Our celebrated and skilled opticians work to assure that you are getting the lens options that are most beneficial to your eyes and vision. Come visit us and see for yourself how we have earned the reputation for being the premier eyewear center in Brooklyn.

Our frames are handcrafted and come from the most exotic countries in the world.

They share the story of the culture of their people, their sights, and their colors.

We have partnered with the best lens technology providers in the Industry

We offer the most advanced lens options available. Our unparalleled opticians, with their vast knowledge of new, state of the art technologies together with their expert fitting techniques brings us closer to our goal of near-perfect vision. They will consult and guide you to the best solution for your vision, your eyes, and your lifestyle.

Hoya Vision’s leading and award-winning lens technology produces a family of advanced progressive lenses that produces perfectly balanced, wide, distortion-free vision and smooth transition between far and near. Customized to your exact needs, they offer the ultimate is clarity and comfort for Progressive Lens wearers.

Shamir is a technological innovator in the field of optics. Its Freeform expertise and breakthrough lens design technologies make it a globally recognized leader in sports and occupational lenses that are custom designed to ensure the wearer comfort together with optimized visual acuity for virtually any prescription, in any shape frame.

Seiko single vision lenses are manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. They offer lenses in nearly every material to produce the most aesthetically thin and flat appearance possible with the least distortion. Their celebrated Transition Lenses are the most advanced in the market.

What People Say About Us.

Great Experience... I had the full attention of the very pleasant clerks ... They found me exactly what I was looking for. Stylish and trendy for the right price, and gave great input into the different optical options. I liked the samples so much I ended up buying two pairs. And they were both ready within hours. Very nice store. Very neat and organized. Great Location, I will definitely go back.
ChaimGoogle Review
I highly recommend Optique Elegance. The store name says it all! Really elegant store, very cheerful, and clean. My son is very particular about frames. He was helped right away, wonderful customer service, great selection. They found him a really nice pair.I highly recommend them!
Miriam KleinGoogle Review
This store gives quality service and treats every one special.They are quite patient to answer all your questions and address all concerns.Their goal is to make sure you leave completely satisfied.If you are looking for a store you can trust this is the place.You might find cheaper elsewhere but if your eyes matter to you this is where you should go.
Joshua CanterGoogle Review

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