not a dry eye in the house

suffering from dry eyes? I do too and it’s no fun.


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M.I.D.E. is probably not a term you know. I didn’t either, until recently. Are you like me? Suffering from dry eyes or having trouble focusing and seeing clearly?  

Millions of people today are experiencing M.I.D.E ( Mask Induced Dry Eyes) — yep, it’s a real thing! Whether you work in an office , go into a department store or have a trip planned , masks are necessary and oftentimes that comes with all kinds of discomforts — including dry eyes.

And while masks aren’t forever, weather-conditions, air conditioners, screen-time and a host of other factors contribute to dry eyes.

But here’s the good news: there are solutions! 

Our in-house eyecare specialist is here to help, and so is the rest of our team. If you need recommendations for an eye drop, need to be refitted for your contact lenses, or if you just need to update your eyeglass prescription and rest your eyes from your contacts , we’re here to help!

Our team is here to help you feel better and look better!

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