haven’t the foggiest

cleaning your lenses and avoiding the fog!


It’s hard enough wearing a mask on a daily basis. Wearing glasses on top of that is almost impossible with the constant fogging. 

Fogging requires us to clean our glasses more, which can lead to increased scratching of our lenses. 

Here are tips to help maintain your lenses, keeping them optimal and protected.

Always carry a microfiber cleaning cloth.

Other materials are too abrasive and not as absorbent, leading to more rubbing and hence more scratching.

Use warm water when needed.

Using warm water and a mild dish detergent on a daily basis will remove lingering oils.

Get a pre-made cleaning solution.

We offer here at Optique Elegance for your convenience.

Other things to consider for your glasses-cleaning needs:


  •  Fog prevention sprays and cloths
  • Top grade anti-reflection coatings for easier cleaning and better durability

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