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It’s hard to believe that summer is soon coming to a close. I think back to years ago getting my own kids ready for school: The rush to Walmart in the Mountains, Staples on Coney Island and endless Amazon boxes coming to my door. And of course, sitting in long lines waiting to be fit with shoes and making sure all uniforms are in check!

But what about about your kids’ eyewear?

Working with children all these years has made me realize one important thing that is often overlooked: our children want to look and feel good too!

It’s no secret, when children feel confident, they thrive. Our children want to make sure they have the perfect pencil case and shoes, but aren’t their glasses just as important, if not more? Your children deserve to feel good about themselves – and glasses matter!

Style aside, the fit has to be just right so your children see the board – wherever they may be sitting in the classroom!

Here are some things to consider when choosing the right pair for your child:

  1. Size: eyes should look centered in frame.
  2. Fit: frames f can be adjusted to stay on. Make sure temple length is adequate.
  3. Safety lenses!!! THESE ARE SO IMPORTANT. I speak from personal experience…
  4. Glare free: Do not skimp – you’ll regret it if you do. Artificial lighting is very bothersome. These lenses will optimize your child’s vision. 10-14% of light bounces off the lenses.

Our Faves for Fall 2022!

Swing Eyewear: Virtually unbreakable, antibacterial and hypoallergenic, these are the frames you never knew your kids needed! We love the fun shapes and great colors they come in – and the kids seem to love them too!

Eyefunc: Another kid-approved line! Eyefunc offers funky, affordable eyewear made with top-quality durable materials – perfect for your active children. And when they’re happy, we’re happy 🙂

Both of these brands have the option for convenient next day service, so make sure to ask how quick your frames can be ready! And while they both made top of the list, we also love and carry many other lines that are popular choices for kids: Rayban, Lafont and Lindberg to name a few.

Your kids are almost back from camp, so make an appointment today to bring them in!

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